Sunday, May 29, 2011

Algernon Cadwallader/1994!/Snowing Albu, NM 05/28/11

...a few shitty pics taken with my cell phone

Algernon Cadwallader




Snowing - I could do whatever I wanted if I wanted tour version of their full length LP
1994!/Snowing/Boys and Sex/Algernon Cadwallader - 4-way split EP
Snowing T-shirt + Algernon Cadwallader T-shirt


This was actually part of a larger all day show which started a noon and featured about 20 or so bands. It all happened at a place called Dad's House, which seems to be a couple of rented out houses run by a collective of local scene people who put on shows. We got there at 8:00pm and waited around a bit till Snowing started their set. I picked up some merch, (which you can see the loot above), in the mean time. I guess its a sign of getting old when one is at a show and thinks, "why does it have to be so loud?" And I say this because the warbbly overly loud bass coming from the amps and bouncing around that small room, blocks out so much of the detail of the music, including the vocals. Snowing was tight, and luckily for me I was familiar with the songs and I'm glad I got to see them, but you could barely hear the's a shame. 1994!'s sound was even worse. They already play a pretty fast and chaotic Mathy Post-Hardcore style, which even on their recording they are a bit muddy and the vocals have a hard time piercing through. But I could see the singer screaming his head off and I couldn't hear one bit of his voice over the rumble of ricocheting bass in that small room. They were tight and fuck though, and the drummer is an animal! And finally for Algernon Cadwallader, which I knew were bound to sound better since they use no distortion on the guitar. I was right, because they completely nailed it last night. The vocals were still a bit cloudy but they pierced through much better than the previous two bands. AC proved to me last night why they are the leaders in the NWOTDE movement (New Wave of Twinkle Daddy Emo!) I totally lost my self when they started playing, and was dancing and leaping around like a lunatic! I had a blast, unfortunately they only got to play for half an hour due to time constraints, but what a half an hour of pure youthful energy that was! Thank you Snowing, 1994! and especially AC for coming to my town, since we rarely get bands like that coming out to the middle of the desert to show us what the Real Emo stuff is all about....

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