Sunday, September 4, 2011

a night with GRRM Sept 3, 2011

(possibly a few minor spoilers for ASOIAF)

It was an event held in support of local libraries, and because GRRM is a citizen of New Mexico he was kind enough to have a sitting with about 100 people. That's a great number considering and the event was well over 2 hrs long. First he talked about some local issues, upcoming bonds to vote for etc, all in support of the library fund. Then he went into some of his history when he began reading starting with kiddie books, then comics, and then coming across Heinlein's - "Have Space Suit—Will Travel" which seemed to be a corner stone in his young life of being a book worm. Of course that lead into other Science Fiction and Fantasy and then LOTRs, etc.

He talked much about the show, and more about books. And then there was a Q&A, in which I asked the big question:

Q: After AFFC and definitely now with Dance, there's an incredibly huge amount of unraveled plot lines, I know you've continuously stated that 7 was the magic number, but if need be--would you be willing to go further than 7?

A: It was a long answer and I wont draw it out here, but he basically said that when Tolkien wrote LOTR, it was one long completed story broken up into 3 parts. His story isn't complete yet, but when all is said and done, it will be ONE long story broken into 'multiple' parts. When he started ASOIAF he intended it to be a trilogy, and then later it was 4 books, after a while it became 6 and where we are at now its 7! So, all in all he still thinks he can do it in 7 but he said nothing is written in blood, so if it requires him to extend it into 8 or 9 books or more, then that's what will inevitably have to be done.

Another question he got asked by some dude, which was a bit obnoxious, because it contained a major spoiler, and you can tell GRRM got annoyed because after the question was blurted out, he dropped and shook his head as if to say "you fucking idiot." Either way he still give an answer that contained some (not so surprising spoilers for those who have read ADWD) spoilers for TWOW.

Q: From Mouth Breathing Dummy - At the End of ADWD they didn't take back Winterfell when is that to come?

A: Somewhat brief, but he flat out said, there are 2 huge battles that start off the next book, and people who read ADWD undoubtedly know what's to come.

There's so much said 'unsaid' in that, but basically the letter that Ramsey wrote Jon, as Jon stated in the book, "there are some truths in there," so I'm sure we can safely assume that 'you know who -S' isn't dead after all. And as I predicted, we have yet to witness the true Battle of Winterfell.

After that we stood in line to get the book signed as you see. Being that it was such a small event there was no hurry so people were able to get good message singed in their books, ask a few more quick questions or get a pic taken with your cell phone. When it was our turn, I asked him to sign 4 small words "Where Do Whores Go?" He looked up at me and said "you really want that?" I was like, definitely! I couldn't care less about getting a nice sentiment with his sig....'To Mithy, from GRRM' boring. It's the most appropriate thing I could think of, and I cant imagine me being the first one to get that signed in my book. And we also got a quick pic which you can see above. Needless to say I was on could 9 the rest of the evening: the event was awesome and lengthy, I got a few spoilers, got a great sig in the book and an awesome pic that I will keep eternally!

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